Jo Johnston
Medical Herbalist & Clinical Aromatherapist

Tel: (01673) 861637 Mobile: 07725 816951

Herbal Medicine
Clinical Aromatherapy


The Initial Consultation

I initially offer an in depth consultation usually taking over 90 minutes. This enables me to build a picture of an individual taking into account not only their health issues but their lifestyle and personality.

Presenting complaint
Previous medical history of the patient and family history
Lifestyle and Diet
Blood Pressure and Pulse
Tongue diagnosis
Drug history and supplements

From this information it is then possible to tailor make an Herbal formulae for the patient. Lifestyle issues and nutritional may also be given.

The Follow Up

The patient is normally advised to return for a follow up appointment after 4 weeks. This is to assess how the patient has been doing and decide if the formula needs adjusting.


Initial Consultation - £50.00 (Approximately 90 minutes)
Follow-up Consultatins - £25.00 (Approximately 30 minutes)

Medicine Prices

Tincture is charged at £9.00per 100ml for the standard mix, therefore a Months supply (4 weeks) tincture is £36.00.
Creams, Ointments and Balms and other Topical blends start from £5.00.
Clinical Aromatherapy is sometimes incorportated into the Herbal Treatment or used in addition or instead of Medicine this will be discussed with the patient at the time. Extra charges may apply.

In some circumstances it maybe necessary for the patient to be referred to their GP or another health professional.