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Medical Herbalist & Clinical Aromatherapist

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Herbal Medicine
Clinical Aromatherapy


Suitable for Both Men and Women

Aromatherapy is the ancient art of healing using essential oils. Which combined with body massage can bring about health, healing, wellbeing & balance. An essential oil is a concentrated liquid obtained from plants & trees.
The oils heal you holistically; that is to say they treat your mind, body, emotions, & spirit. Every client is treated with an individual controlled blend of essential oils which are chosen to suit a particular complaint and skin type

What should I expect from my First Visit?

Your first appointment with your professional Aromatherapist will begin with a consultation. It allows the practitioner to determine the underlying Cause of any symptoms the client may have. It is sometimes necessary to conduct the initial consultation and assessment at a different time to the treatment, allowing the practitioner to thoroughly plan an effective treatment; this could take the form of compresses, massage of a specific area, home treatments or both. This first visit will also allow the client to become comfortable with the practitioner. During the consultation you will be asked about your general health and vitality, medical history and emotional well being. This detail is necessary because each treatment is highly individual; all factors are taken into account in order to determine each person's therapeutic requirements. Naturally all information will be held in the strictest confidence.
If you are undergoing medical treatment or there are doubts about your current state of health you will be advised to consult you GP to inform him or her that you are intending to have treatment. This is done to maintain the interests of establishing good communications with the medical profession.

A Brief history of Aromatic Medicine and Aromatherapy

Where does Aromatherapy come from?
Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils to relieve nervous stress, enhance well being, and promote health and vitality.
Essential oils have been used in perfumery, food flavoring and medicine for about a thousand years. Long before they were first distilled in Persia, the Ancient Egyptians produced scented oils from frankincense, cedarwood and other plants - utilized by priests and perfumers alike.
However the word "Aromatherapie" was coined as recently as 1928 - by French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse.
Aromatherapy gained popularity in the UK as beauty treatment, however increasing recognition of its therapeutic potential by orthodox health care professionals has made it one of our fastest growing complementary therapies.