Jo Johnston
Medical Herbalist & Clinical Aromatherapist

Tel: (01673) 861637 Mobile: 07725 816951

Herbal Medicine
Clinical Aromatherapy

Hello, my name is Jo Johnston and I practice as a Medical Herbalist & Clinical Aromatherapist in Dunholme Lincolnshire

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I have always had a special interest in Plant Medicine having experienced their capacity for healing first-hand some 35 years ago and have never looked back. The power of Plants still amazes me and every day brings something new.


Initially I trained as a Clinical Aromatherapist with Penny Price at the English School of Aromatherapy in Hinckley gaining Diploma in 2007. This in depth course gave me the bug to study further and I decided to undertake the three year degree at the University of Lincoln and successfully gained a BSc (Hons) in Western Herbal Medicine in 2014.

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As a Medical Herbalist, I am trained not only to a high level in Herbal knowledge but also in orthodox clinical and diagnostic skills with over 500 hours of clinical practice. Training also involves the process and development of disease and how pharmaceutical drugs work and interact with herbal substances.

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When prescribing Herbal medicines I take into account not only current research findings but also Traditional  methods as I have a great respect for the knowledge gained over thousands of years by our ancestors. Currently I am looking at various ways to integrate aromatic oils and hydrolats into general Herbal Practice. I also continue to develop my knowledge of herbal and aromatic medicine through seminars and teaching aromatherapy and herbal medicine within my practice.

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Herbalists practice holistic medicine; this offers a personal approach basing the medicine on a person’s individual story and lifestyle. Prescriptions are unique to the individual and may include either herbal medicine, aromatic medicine or both. Plant medicine is living medicine; the constituents in plants called metabolites are the chemical components responsible for the therapeutic action of the plant. They work by regulating, restoring and are generally harmonising with the body treating the whole person rather than the symptoms, this allows the body to restore wellness and balance.